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Excellent Historical Fiction

Pompeii - Robert Harris

As the title suggests, about the destruction of Pompeii. More importantly, about the lives and culture of the people living in the doomed city and the events leading up to the eruption.


Very professionally written and engaging. Authors like this one bring history to life.

Sequel to Oliver Twist following the Artful Dodger

Jack Dawkins - Charlton Daines

I really loved this sequel, albeit not from the original author. I like to think Dickens would approve of what this author did with his character.


Jack returns to England as an adult and has matured and learned new skills. Among them is a talent for accents which allows him to move like a chameleon among the rich people he stole from as a boy as easily as he can slip back into the criminal element of his childhood.


The character development took him through some hard choices about who he wanted to be. Very well written and entertaining.